Finding NOLA’s Best Cajun Eateries

When one thinks of Creole and Cajun food, one almost always immediately connects this fine and spicy cuisine to the city of New Orleans. And for those that live here, finding a spot that’s exceptional can sometimes be a task. So here are three Cajun hot-spots that people are talking about. Bon Ton Café is one excellent place to check out. It has a very long history of pleasing its customers and a reputation for having one of the finest dishes of Crawfish Bisque in the city. For something both authentic and affordable, head to Cochon. The owner prides himself on his unique yet traditional dishes and the simple menu reflects his unwavering faith in his skills. And then there’s Jacques-Imo’s Café and their amazing menu. You can find pretty much anything you want there and it will all be exceptional.


Photo courtesy of Jon Sullivan via Wikicommons